My Mechanic Guarantee


My Mechanic guarantees that all new parts and accessories sold and installed by it will be free of defects in materials or workmanship when used normally for their intended purpose until either the car on which they are installed has been driven for 12,000 miles, or until 12 months after the date of installation, whichever comes first, which we call the “Guarantee Period.” The labor to install and adjust such parts is similarly guaranteed for the same Guarantee Period as the parts.

If any part fails to function properly during the Guarantee Period as a result of a defect in materials, workmanship or the labor performed in its installation, My Mechanic will, if requested as explained below, replace the part without charge for either the part or the labor required specifically for replacement of that part. However, My Mechanic will not be obligated to give a refund, and may substitute a part having the same function whenever the part sold by My Mechanic is no longer readily available or the substitute part is regarded in the industry as equivalent or better in quality and function.

When either used parts or parts supplied by the customer are installed or adjusted, My Mechanic does not guarantee the parts in any way, but will guarantee for the Guarantee Period the labor performed to install the parts solely against installation errors. In no event will My Mechanic cover the cost of any replacement for such parts, nor will it cover the labor to replace any such part that fails.

The guarantee is valid only when the customer contacts My Mechanic promptly at the first warning that there may be a problem with a covered part or repair, and thereafter presents the vehicle within a reasonable time under the circumstances to My Mechanic for diagnosis and warranty service. The customer will not be charged for the diagnostic services required to determine whether a part under guarantee needs adjustment or replacement. My Mechanic will not be responsible for the cost of any repair or replacement performed at any other establishment or by any third party.

The guarantee does not apply to used parts, parts supplied by customers, or any failure of a part which may have resulted from fire, theft, accident, neglect, misuse, abuse or having been abnormally and adversely affected by another circumstance beyond the control of My Mechanic such as the malfunction or failure of other parts on the vehicle.

This guarantee is in lieu of all other warrantees expressed or implied, including among others those relating to merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, and My Mechanic shall have no responsibility for consequential or other damages.

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